6 Gender Neutral Activewear Brands for Plus Bodies You Should Know

Shopping for gender neutral activewear is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack – because a lot of working out boils down to what kind of body you have.

We’re bringing together tips for being your most comfortable, authentic self while moving your body in a safe way – and some gender neutral activewear brands that have nonbinary folks in mind!

6 Gender Neutral Activewear Brands To Shop

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Tips to consider when shopping :

Compression: only buy it if you want it. Compression bras will flatten your chest and can make everything feel tighter/harder to breathe. You also don’t have to compromise!

You can wear bras that emphasize your chest without flattening them down. Look for bras that emphasize support and shape!

Binding and working out tips: Alternatively, a compression bra can be a safe alternative to binding. If you wear a binder, you should size up for workouts and keep the activity to a maximum of 30 minutes with multiple breaks and lots of hydration.

Your body will expand with heat and movement, and as binders are designed to compress and restrict, this can cause damage to your ribs and lungs, as well as make working out uncomfortable.

Leggings and tucking tips: if you plan to tuck or are worried about flashing someone – opt for longer shorts, especially if you’re usually shopping in the “women’s” activewear sections.

Those extra inches will be the difference in your ease of comfort and feeling like you have complete coverage.

Running tights tip: Exercise caution (no pun intended) when looking into running tights and leggings as well. They can make tucking extremely difficult.

During our research, we found that buying briefs, or tight women’s running shorts, and layering those over leggings is most helpful in creating a tuck-free, smooth look.

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Finding activewear that keeps you comfortable, feeling like your best self, and affirms your gender shouldn’t be hard, so we’ve got your back!

We’re so excited to bring these gender neutral activewear brands to you for all your activewear needs.

Where is your favorite place to shop for your activewear needs?