I’m Pregnant and Work in Fashion, and I’m Wearing These 4 Items on Repeat

Getting knocked up can certainly be a time full of anxieties. When I first saw that positive pregnancy test, my life whirled before my eyes. I had so many worries about the birth day and about impending drastic body changes, and I had profound questions arise—like “Am I going to be a good parent?” and “Will I ever be able to smell food without throwing up again?” With such a laundry list of potential concerns, moms-to-be definitely do not need the additional stress of worrying about what to wear. However, for many pregnant women, that is, unfortunately, a constant issue throughout trimesters one through three.

As my ribs and hips widened for the baby and my belly got rounder, I struggled with feelings of insecurity in many of my tried-and-tested outfits. I wasn’t excited anymore to get dressed up because nothing fit like it once had. After feeling sorry for myself for a couple of weeks, I decided that I needed to get outfits specifically for my oncoming maternity months. Once I did that, I started feeling comfortable in my own body once again. I felt excited to dress up and look cute! So for any moms-to-be who may be overwhelmed by the whole process like I was, here is a lovingly curated list of my maternity-approved options that will hopefully take just one of your many concerns away.