We’re Fashion Editors, and We Predict These 7 Trends Will Define 2022

It may only be about two weeks into the New Year, but we’re already making our fashion predictions for the long haul. Every season, we predict which trends are going to stand out, but why not dream bigger? As editors, we’ve been tracking trends for as long as we can remember. Since it’s our job, you could say we have a certain eye when it comes to figuring out what has staying power in the sartorial world. We decided to put our trend-forecasting senses to the test and predict the seven top trends we think are going to be big in 2022. Of course, you can never predict anything 100%, but we have a good feeling about a lot of these. (If you don’t trust us, feel free to take a look at our past trend predictions. We have a pretty strong track record.)

If you want to know what Team WWW thinks is going to stand the test of time, you should take a look below. You’ll find plenty to your liking—from ballet flats to vibrant hues—and shoppable options for them all.