Look Out! Kaia Gerber and Tommy Dorfman Get Swarmed by Birds in Miami Beach

When Kaia Gerber and Tommy Dorfman hit up Miami Beach on Sunday, I assume they were expecting to get a little sun and kick back and relax. And although they did, their beach day was rudely interrupted when a group of seagulls joined the party and began swarming them. As Kaia and Tommy got up from their loungers, the birds flew in closer, probably looking for snacks, but upon no such luck, they carried on and most likely went searching for food elsewhere.

Despite the initial scare, Kaia and Tommy laughed off the entire thing and handled it like champs. One of Kaia’s friends even captured the hilarious moment on his phone, because that’s what friends are for, right? The pals also shared photos on their Instagram accounts, though they left out the whole bird incident, which totally makes sense. See more of Kaia and Tommy’s beach day ahead.