The Coolest Hairstyle Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing This Year, According to the Pros

It’s like what Fleabag said: hair is everything. “It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day,” you see, and we have a feeling she’d back us when we say that’s precisely why you’ll want to brush up on the coolest hairstyle trends of the year.

So what can you expect to see everywhere in the coming months? “2020 is going to see a lot of experimentation,” said LA-based celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps. “We are pushing style boundaries and changing our hair in more meaningful ways. People are not afraid to do something drastic or even out of the norm. It’s really about having fun and letting your hair show how you feel. Whether this is a permanent change through color or cut or even just wigs or extensions, we are going to see hair that is bold and strong.”

“Strong,” it seems, is the big buzz word this year. Hairstylist and global creative director for Redken Guido Palau agrees: “We’re seeing hair with stronger styles. Nods to different time periods are coming back and they’re very exciting. When you look at models, they very rarely have one signature look anymore — they’re all trying different looks. This is so important in fashion, where you’re seeing inclusivity for all looks and styles by celebrating each person’s individual beauty.”

From retro haircuts to sorta-woke-up-like-this styles, we asked a handful of pros to dish the hair trends you’re going to see everywhere come 2020 — so grab the popcorn, because it’s going to be a show.