Why Hyperpigmentation Really Is a Concern Among Latinx, and 5 Products to Get Rid of It

Living in Miami as a teenager, I used lots of suntan lotion but never sunscreen. As a Latina with naturally tanned skin, I wasn’t properly educated in sun protection or aware of the effects of sun damage. The assumption was that I didn’t need sunscreen because my skin didn’t get sunburned, just more tan. Now in my late 20s, I have witnessed the effects sun has had on my skin, particularly with hyperpigmentation and sun spots on my face.

Last year, I became extra aware of it after I started a YouTube channel. While I accept my skin “imperfections,” I still wanted to put in the effort to invest in my appearance — while at the same time helping others with similar issues — so I decided to go on a skincare quest.

The quest is ongoing, but I have researched and tried some of the best products to help with hyperpigmentation and skin texture, as I know this is something that plagues many Latinxs and not just due to aesthetics. According to a study done on hyperpigmentation disorders in Hispanic populations in the United States, “Hispanics are more susceptible to a variety of pigmentary disorders including melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.” It’s important we treat our skin issues starting from a health perspective.

While I truly believe in the power of staying hydrated and eating healthy, I also understand sometimes staying hydrated doesn’t help years of sun damage. For that reason, I now rely on a good, noncomedogenic sunscreen daily and have unearthed several holy-grail products that work great for Latinx to ease our skin woes. Keep reading for the five best products I’ve found to get rid of hyperpigmentation and smooth out skin texture.