Lego’s Newest Product Is a DIY Arts and Crafts Line Called “Dots”

Lego is inspiring even more creativity in 2020 thanks to its newest line of Links”>DIY projects called “Dots.” Releasing in March, Lego Dots is a fun new way for kids — and adults! — to express themselves through colorful crafts like themed bracelets, personalized room decor, and other custom accessories, but with a Lego twist. And as with all things Lego, the possibilities for creating and redesigning with the Dots pieces are truly endless, making for a unique and personalized form of play.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce LEGO DOTS as a new arts and crafts building concept giving children a creative canvas for social, self-expressive play with endless, ever-changing patterns, colours and designs,” Lena Dixen, senior vice president and head of product and marketing development at Lego, said in a press release.

Keep scrolling to get a look at all of the new products in the line, as well as what they can look like when they’re built.